ISACA Singapore Chapter – Student Group | NYP

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the 11 institutions in the world with ISACA Student Group that has been officially recognized by ISACA International Headquarters. The ISACA student group committee, consisting of students from the Diploma in Information Security, spent their time and efforts put in to establish the student group in Nanyang Polytechnic – School of Information Technology.

In the photo below from left to right we have Yee Jian Feng Eric (Vice President), Boey Wen Zhong Ernest (President), Gwendoline Tan Wan Xin (Secretary), Chia Yong Xiang (Treasurer) and Lai Zhiyuan (Publications).

More information about the recognized ISACA Student Groups, please refer to

Subscribe to us for more information regarding events and activities organized by NYP ISACA Student Group.

ISACA Student Group | NYP Student Commitee


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