Inaugural Joint IHL Event – Road to InfoSec Professional

On 30th March 2013, students from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic gathered at Singapore Management University (SMU) for a joint Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) event organised with support from ISACA Singapore Chapter.

The Joint IHL event served as a platform for students from the various IHLs to share their knowledge with one and another in areas of information security, IS audit, assurance, governance and risk management. In addition, allowing students to share their experiences and linking them to the industry.

The event kick-started with an opening message by Mr Tong Seng Chee, ISACA Singapore Director of Academic Outreach, who highlighted the importance of Information Security now a days as well as the need for security experts to improve themselves. He then shared with us the problems he faced when he was handling Information Security. Mr Leonard Ong, the president of ISACA Singapore Chapter, followed up by sharing with us how difficult it was for him to learn security back then.

Up next, Mr Ryan Baxendale, a security consultant and veteran penetration tester and Mr Teh Kaiwen, IT Youth of the Year Award winner shared with us their experiences in their individual field.

The next programme was the Lightning Talk where the students from different IHL shared with us projects and topics related to Information Security – such as Breaking Python Sandboxes, Binary Visualisation, various methods of analyzing files, the Facebook Forensics Toolkit v2.0, Cold Boot Project that analyses data degradation within the Random Access Memory (RAM) of a computer over time, Password Audit (On The Cloud) and lastly Social Engineering – Psychological Manipulation.

Mr Tong gave a closing speech and presented the token of appreciation to all the IHL leaders for organising the event.

The event lasted for 4 hours, where delicious refreshments were provided. Everyone had a good time!

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