InfoSec Sharing Day for IHLs by SITF

The much anticipated event was held on 3rd July 2013 where special guests like Dr Ngair Teow Hin (Chairman, Security and Governance Chapter, SITF) and other distinguished guests were invited to our school to give a talk about information security awareness and the threats that are ‘out in the wild’. In addition, topics like risk management and what it takes to be a IT security professional were shared with the students of NYP SIT.

The event kick-started off with an opening message by the Chairman of SITF, Dr Ngair Teow Hin.

Shortly after, Mr Freddy Tan, Cyber Security Strategist at Microsoft APAC, shared with us on the topic “What do employers look for in an Infocomm Security Professional”? He then shared with us on what it takes to become a good information security professional and the concept of the protecting processed information stored on information systems against threats introduced through the software supply chain.

Up next, MAJ (NS) Donald Wee, Director of Data Terminator Pte. Ltd., shared with the eager student cohort on “Governance and Benchmark for Secure e-Data Destruction”. He delivered an intriguing speech about the different data protection techniques used in the world today to detect intrusions and breaches. Furthermore, he explained how to use forensics audit trails for fraud management.

The last speaker of the day, Mr Alvin Tan, Regional Director of McAfee, presented on the topic of “The Evolution of Threats and Countermeasures”. He shared that in today’s Internet, people, organizations and governments are more than ever connected through on-line devices, which not only bring more opportunity to evolve businesses, but also bring in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). It was followed by a discussion on APTs and how to prevent them.

The three-hour long event ended with the participants having a better understanding of importance of cyber security awareness and how we can remain vigilant in the face of the threats.

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