Black Ops CTF Competition – Finals

The NYP ISACA Student Group had organized a Capture-The-Flag competition, BlackOpsCTF in SIT. The objective of the competition was to raise awareness of the various threats and vulnerabilities that exist in real life environments and thus underlining the importance of information security audit.

The qualifying round was held from the 11 Nov to 29 Nov 2013. In the qualifying round, 32teams of maximum 3 members are to solve challenges related to information security and obtain flags from the challenges for points. Top teams with the highest score will proceed to the finals which consist of a simulated environment that tests the teams in their skillsets in the area of penetration testing, digital forensics and social engineering.

On 4th Dec, 14 top teams from the qualifying round pitted themselves against one another in the simulated-environment in the School Of Information Technology. Within a limited timeframe, they had to obtain as many points as they could by using various hacking techniques such as decrypting files, running scans and many more.

After many hours of trying out various techniques and creative out-of-the-box thinking, the teams rounded up their final answers and put up the final stand. Who will be the ultimate winner of the grand prize and be crowned as BLACK OPS CTF champions? Find out on NYP ISACA Day 2013 on 11th Dec from 2 to 5pm at LTL-2.

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