So What Is Next, After Snowden?

Edward Snowden

The world is constantly changing and there is definitely no doubt about it. However, there are times where change is rapid and there are times where change is slow; Last year in particular, was a really rapid one for both the security and technological front. Whatever this guy has done, is done considering that he has been on it for almost a full year running now.


In the world now, with the increased rate of cyberterrorism, physical terrorism, and other emerging countries vying for a larger place in the world map, do you think anyone in the right mind will actually share and give up all of their intel resources? All the intelligence agencies in the world spies. Especially on everything that is of key interest to them. If they were to give that up, it is not only against the interest of the citizens, but also really, undermining the sole purpose they were created for.

We can’t simply hope that the world changes back to the way it was, with American-designed equipment being used everywhere just because it’s the gold standard. Neither can we also say that questionable competitors like Huawei will never rise just because they could be guilty of having some secret hard coded backdoors in their hardware.

But hey, American companies themselves are not exactly guilt-free themselves in the manufacturing processes, same as with Japan. However, with that, they dramatically improved their packaging and also increasing security controls during the manufacturing process. None of this, though has anything to do with the government, but rather, the companies or industry themselves. As a response to consumer fears, they came up with innovative safety measures that has, as we can see, became a standard for them.

So how does all these relate to the IT world?

Here’s another fact: there are and will always be bad people out there, or should I say people with a different mindset from ours, trying to achieve their own goals. We have the criminal organizations to “rogue nation states”, all ready and always trying to get us. I am not saying like minded people, organization or nations are always correct or doing the right things either. Well, nonetheless, all of them will do their utmost best to get the agendas without caring about the damage to the IT world, IT security in particular.

Face it guys! There will be spying. There will be tampering. There will be more to come. As the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots.

So, what now?

Now, is the time to wake up. Take a look again at our processes. Are we tamper-proof just yet? Since these problems are never going to change, the only way is to innovate, work around these problems to prevent these problems. Sure, this is like a cat and mouse game. But this is also an arms race and we are now in the front-line, whether you like it or not.

Some questions to ponder for ourselves are such as are we doing everything we can into ensuring that the integrity of our security codes are intact? Does our hardware check have a tamper proof solution much like a CRC check?

Training to stop bad guys

Yes, bad guys must be stopped. Terrorist must be stopped. More importantly, “rogue nation states” must be stopped. But, in doing so, we have to protect ourselves as well and ensure that we do no irreparable damages. Whilst we have to balance everything, this is where the most innovative will triumph. Can we win? Yes we can. So let us start thinking and making the solutions and quit doing the blaming game.


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