Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Poses Threat

Training to stop bad guys

A report from Bloomberg this morning highlighted a dire issue in Singapore. According to the report, Singapore is losing its ability to fight and mitigate threats that are posed by hackers, simply due to labour and skill crunch. Apart from that, a lack of awareness among companies about this issue is not helping either. Continue reading


Facebook Listens And Records As You Post Updates From Your Mobile App!

facebook privacy

If you noticed not too long ago, Facebook pushed an update for the Facebook application for your mobile phone. You might not have realized, however, is that it introduces a new feature to its app. This feature will allow them to listen to our conversations and surroundings through our own phones’ microphone everytime we post a update to Facebook. Continue reading

Old Shared Links Disabled On Dropbox

Earlier last month, Dropbox has disabled access to previously created shared links to certain kinds of documents. This occured after there was a discovery of some user’s sensitive documents, including bank records, being exposed and found on Google AdWords. Apparently, Box is also affected by this. Continue reading