How Safe Do You Think Your Wi-Fi Connection Is?


Wi-Fi is something that we are all so used to, something perhaps we are all rely on a lot. Many of us will assume that as long as a legitimate website is displayed, we are actually safe online. Is that true? Of course not!

Some fun facts that the infograph below shows includes:

  • By the end of this year (2014), the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the population of man on Earth.
  • It will continue to grow, of course, and in 2018, there will be around 10 billion mobile connected devices!
  • This year, we will have 2.6 EXABYTES of mobile traffic data, and by 2018, we expect to have a whopping 15.9 EXABYTES of mobile traffic data.

How do you make sure you are safe?

  1. Confirm that the wifi network name is correct at your location of connecting.
  2. Turn of Sharing. Especially for iPhone users, ensure that airdrop is disabled.
  3. Try to surf on HTTPS as far as possible.
  4. Ensure that your firewall is turned on.
  5. Ensure that you are not connecting to public hotspot automatically.
  6. Never store your passwords on your devices, at least without encryption.
  7. Never do any financial transactions on a public or unsecured Wifi, which includes banking or shopping.
  8. Do not send any sensitive emails over public or unsecured wifi.
  9. Do not have your confidential data on the device, when it is connected online.

Do you have anymore tips? Let us know!

WiFi Infographic

Via Securedatarecovery


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