SiTF Day 2014 In NYP


This year’s Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) day was held on 2nd July 2014 where we are honoured to have distinguished guests such as Donald Wee (Founder and Director of Data Terminator), Alvin Tan (Country Director, Singapore, McAfee), Mr Wong Tack Wai (Director of special programs, SiTF) and Cedric Mainguy (Managing Director, Palo IT). In this year’s SiTF day, topics covered included data cleaning, information security awareness and the threats that are currently thriving. In addition, Mr Wong Tack Wai gave us an overview of what SiTF was about.


This year’s event started off with the Mr Tin Aung Win, executive member of the SiTF Security and Governance Chapter and manager at SIT, who gave us the opening speech.

The event’s talk began with Maj (NS) Donald Wee, whom went through the importance of degaussing. In addition, his intriguing speech about the different data protection techniques used in the world today to detect intrusions and breaches. Furthermore, he explained how to use forensics audit trails for fraud management.

Following which, Mr Alvin Tan, presented on “The Evolution of Threats and Countermeasures”. He went through the interconnectedness of people today, and the increased risks that both businesses and people might face due to the increase in interconnectedness. This was followed by a discussion of these Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and how to prevent them.

Mr Wong then share with us the mission of SiTF Productivity and Production Program Office (PPPO), which simply aims to increase the productivity of the Singapore Infocomm media (ICM) industry.

The final item of the day is Mr Cedric Mainguy and his team. He started the session by engaging everyone in a game, which pitted the participants into 2 groups with a sole purpose of passing the most amount of balls down a line of people within 2 minutes.

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The participants definitely had some fun in the game activity. The winning team was also awarded a badge from Palo IT, in a form of a badge.

Some of our lucky winners!

Some of our happy lucky winners!

The purpose of the game was to showcase the purpose and effectiveness on breaking up a large project into segments for the participants to work on and reflect upon so that they are able to understand and improve and as such become a much more efficient and effective team to tackle the tasks. This is the idea behind the Agile Project Management which they are using day in day out.

At the end of the event, there was a presentation of Parasoft Award for the Best Use of Analysis Tool in Project, which was awarded to Li Kang Zheng, a year 3 student in the Diploma of Information Security, in the form a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Not forgetting for our participants was a lucky draw, in the form of Sandisk thumbdrive, sponsored by Palo IT. From 8GB to 64GB. Congratulations to all our winners.

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I believe that at the end of this three-hour long event, the participants have had a better understanding of importance of cyber security awareness and how we can remain vigilant in the face of the threats.

We thank our speakers and sponsors from Data Terminator, McAfee, Parasoft and Palo IT for making this successful and fun event possible.


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