NYP-Splunk Challenge

NYP-Splunk Challenge Banner

On the 19 November 2014, Nanyang Polytechnic, in conjunction with Splunk, hosted the NYP-Splunk Challenge. Tasked with a multitude of data, participants are expected to analyze the data and use it to deliver operational visibility, insight and intelligence for various uses of the data. The whole day event saw the participants engaging the data with creative designs and layouts to win the top prize of a MacBook Air.

Splunk competitors having some refreshments and briefing before the start of the chllanege

The challenge saw participants from across various diploma’s and levels participating. With participants from the Diploma in Information Technology (C85) to participants from Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics (C54), the wide range of specialties are pit against each other in this challenge.

Prizes for NYP-Splunk Challenge

In this year’s challenge, Splunk has kindly sponsored the prizes which are as follows:

  1. Apple MacBook Air
  2. Apple iPad mini
  3. Apple iPod Nano

Once the participants have settled in, the game was on!

After a long deliberation, it was a tough call, but the judges have had their minds made up!

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All in all, this challenge tested our participants on their creativity in making boring data statistics into interesting fun diagrams that can be used for other purposes easily. This use of business analytics is able to deliver visibility and insight into the data, streaming events and business operations. Thus, this enables organizations to make better decisions, act on the outcome of analytics, or insights, based on massive streams of live as well as historical data.

As the leading platform for Operational Intelligence, the use and value of Splunk in the near future will only grow, not only for making business decisions but also in the field of security, where administrators can use this is isolate, highlight and take action against threats that occur frequently within their networks. The use of Splunk is wide and the only limit is our creativity, therefore, the purpose of the challenge.

NYP-Splunk Challenge participants

The participants as well as the lecturers and representatives from Splunk


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