Nanyang Polytechnic’s Security, IT’s U 2014 Day Camp

On the 26 November 2014, Nanyang Polytechnic conducted the annual day camp for students looking to join the school’s prestigious Cyber Security and Forensics Course. Conducted over one day, the students from various secondary schools were engaged in many different activities that gave them a broader understanding of the course here in Nanyang Polytechnic. If you missed the day camp, fret not! Nanyang Polytechnic will be having the open house next week, from the 8 to 10 January, be sure to pre-register here!

Our Wonderful Team of Facilitators

Our Team of Game Masters

As an event that was planned and ran by our very own information security students, our game master put in a lot of hard work into making the event a successful one.

Introduction to the camp

Our students are given a briefing and introduction to the day camp by our president, Li Kangzheng.

Company ABC has reported an unauthorized access to their network. Company ABC fears that their sensitive information may have been compromised. They have requested for your assistance to identify the culprit and find out what actually happened that day.

In your teams, looks for clues to trace back the sequence of events on that day, find out what actually happened and identify the culprit to bring him to justice!

Participants having fun at station

One of latest stations, Listen to me, proved to be a challenge for most participants.

This, was something new that we have featured this year is the use of audio forensic, where audio clips were garbled and the participants had to decode what the clips was saying.

Audio Clips

Working hard on the clips

That said, what is a camp without fun!
Some of our students having fun

Posing with NYP

The highlight of this whole camp was the hunt for the culprit whom is behind the breech in the company! With clues garnered from the stations, and scattered around the school, the great hunt is on!

So after all the hard work, the smiles on their faces as the catch the culprit who was none other than our president!

After all the fun and activities, our lecturers stepped into give the students a debrief and overview of how all that they have done is important daily and its relation to our course.

Last but not least, for all that hard work, its time for some prizes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, we also had prizes for the top 3 instagram pictures!


Last but not least, the NYP spirit is strong, even within families. Here’s Celeste who have joined us for the day camp, with her brother who is studying here in Nanyang Polytechnic already.


So what are you waiting for? Join us today at Nanyang Polytechnic!


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