International Data Privacy Day 2015

Today is International Data Privacy Day. The International Data Privacy Day is designed specially to raise awareness and promote the best practices for privacy and data protection. Let us raise the awareness of privacy and data protection issues among our friends, colleagues and relatives.


Every time you visit a website, shop online, engage in social sharing, enable location services or send any digital messages or even an email, your data is being collected and perhaps, even mined. Many users are aware of that, but even so, are we exactly clear of the information being collected?

Well, probably not. According to a report from Microsoft, most of us are actually really just unaware.

So how exactly would you protect yourself from these data mining and collection?

First, let us take a look at what kind of data can and is probably collected.

  • System Information
    Apart from data that you may key into a site and upload, upon visiting a website, data ranging from your IP address to general location can and is probably being recorded.
  • Cookies
    Cookies are planted by many sites for various purposes but because cookies can also keep a log of your online movements and the information you input, all of these can be collected an pieced together without your prior knowledge or even consent to try to build a bigger, more complete picture of you such as your habits or preferences.

So what are some things that you can do?

  • Check privacy settings.
    Browsers, devices and apps often are set to share your personal data. Double check the default (and current) settings to see if you’re comfortable with the data is automatically shared.
  • Read the fine print.
    Know the privacy policies of the devices, websites, social sharing services and applications you use. Find out what permissions apply to the content you upload and how it can be used.

Check out the Internet Society for a variety of tools to keep yourself private.



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