NYP-Splunk Challenge 2015


On the 11 November 2015, Nanyang Polytechnic, in conjunction with Splunk, hosted the annual NYP-Splunk Challenge. With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, this year’s Splunk Challenge hopes to promote the awareness of essential operational intelligence and data analytics through the use Splunk as a platform. The intense 6 hour event saw participants putting in their creativity and skills to create creative layouts and design to show case their data in order to win the top prize of a MacBook Air!

This year’s challenge saw participants from a range various diploma’s and levels participating. With participants from the Diploma in Information Technology (C85) to participants from Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics (C54), there is certainly a wide range of students with different backgrounds competing in this challenge.

This year’s competition comprises of two parts:

  • The first challenge tested the participants on their Splunk skills (‘Splunking’), accuracy and speed by being able to produce 3 sets of dashboards based on their understanding and interpretation of the datasource and requirements.
  • The second part of the challenge tested them on their resourcefulness, creativity, analytical skills in developing exciting, dazzling and advanced dashboards and solutions for a given set of Big Data. Participant had to build their own dashboard and reports through the Splunk platform.

In this year’s challenge, Splunk has kindly sponsored the prizes which are as follows:

  1. Apple MacBook Air
  2. Apple iPad mini
  3. Apple iPod Nano


Apart from Splunk, this year we had an additional guest from Allied Solutions Pte Ltd whom spoke about the Industrial’s Internet of Things as well as real life scenarios where Splunk was used as a platform of choice.

Nonetheless, after hours of intense competition, the winners are finally announced!


Champion: Ang Kiang Yang, DIS Year 3 (3rd from left)
First Runner Up: How Kai-wen Kevin, DIS Year 3 (2nd from left)
Second Runner Up: Tan Wei Song Terrence, DIS Year 2

Congratulations to our winners!

All in all, this challenge has tested our participants on their creativity and innovation in trying to make sense of boring data statistics by turning them into interesting fun dashboards and reports. This use of business analytics is able to deliver visibility and insight into the data, streaming events and business operations. Thus, this enables organizations to make better decisions, act on the outcome of analytics, or insights, based on massive streams of live as well as historical data.

As the leading platform for Operational Intelligence, the use and value of Splunk in the near future will only grow, not only for making business decisions but also in the field of security, where administrators can use this is isolate, highlight and take action against threats that occur frequently within their networks. The use of Splunk is wide and the only limit is our creativity, therefore, the purpose of the challenge.

We hope to see you at Splunk Challenge next year!

One thought on “NYP-Splunk Challenge 2015

  1. Alexander Yong says:

    Well done NYP. I’m an alumni in the InfoSec field and proud to see the developments @ NYP… keep me posted for any other events!

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