Vulnerability Affects Over 2 Billion Devices


Two research consultants with Accuvant Labs have recently discovered a security vulnerability that affects over 2 BILLIONphones! The vulnerability, which they will officially present later this week at the Black Hat security conference, involves an open-source device management tool, which used by many many vendors and carriers for OTA updates, remote device wipes, and more. This is something important, because mobile phones, devices are becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, even more so in the enterprise world with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Continue reading


Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Poses Threat

Training to stop bad guys

A report from Bloomberg this morning highlighted a dire issue in Singapore. According to the report, Singapore is losing its ability to fight and mitigate threats that are posed by hackers, simply due to labour and skill crunch. Apart from that, a lack of awareness among companies about this issue is not helping either. Continue reading