CyberSecurity Threat On Your Fingertip

Yesterday, foxnews published an interesting news with regards to Cyber Security. As far as security is concerned, we protect our computers, servers and everything else, but we tend to forget about our very personal item – the smartphone. As a saying goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Continue reading


Is Your Data Dafe From Prying Eyes After A Factory Wipe?

Samsung Note 3 Factory Reset

Phones now form an integral part of our lives, and most of us will swap devices every no and then, we will swap devices. However, is our usual factory reset sufficient in ensuring our data is safe from prying eyes? Well, in the case of android, the answer is no. Continue reading

So What Is Next, After Snowden?

Edward Snowden

The world is constantly changing and there is definitely no doubt about it. However, there are times where change is rapid and there are times where change is slow; Last year in particular, was a really rapid one for both the security and technological front. Whatever this guy has done, is done considering that he has been on it for almost a full year running now. Continue reading