Is Your Data Dafe From Prying Eyes After A Factory Wipe?

Samsung Note 3 Factory Reset

Phones now form an integral part of our lives, and most of us will swap devices every no and then, we will swap devices. However, is our usual factory reset sufficient in ensuring our data is safe from prying eyes? Well, in the case of android, the answer is no. Continue reading


SiTF Day 2014 In NYP


This year’s Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) day was held on 2nd July 2014 where we are honoured to have distinguished guests such as Donald Wee (Founder and Director of Data Terminator), Alvin Tan (Country Director, Singapore, McAfee), Mr Wong Tack Wai (Director of special programs, SiTF) and Cedric Mainguy (Managing Director, Palo IT). In this year’s SiTF day, topics covered included data cleaning, information security awareness and the threats that are currently thriving. In addition, Mr Wong Tack Wai gave us an overview of what SiTF was about. Continue reading

Old Shared Links Disabled On Dropbox

Earlier last month, Dropbox has disabled access to previously created shared links to certain kinds of documents. This occured after there was a discovery of some user’s sensitive documents, including bank records, being exposed and found on Google AdWords. Apparently, Box is also affected by this. Continue reading

Australian Mac And iOS Users Locked Out And Held For Ransom

Source: Cult Of Mac

Here’s another day with a hacking story. On Monday, iPhone, iPad and Mac owners in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria have reported that their devices were hacked and held for a ransom of up to $100 to release their devices. That said, only a handful of lucky ones were able to escape this hacking spree. Continue reading

Change Your eBay Passwords If You Have Not!


Well, 2 weeks ago was world password day and we asked you to change your passwords recently. Have you taken our advise to change it? Well, the latest victim to fall into the hacking sphere is eBay Inc, whom have announced that their client identity information including emails, addresses and birthdays was stolen in a hacking attack between late February and early March. Continue reading